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Peranakans - also referred to as 'Straits Chinese' - are descendents of Chinese (mostly Hokkien) migrants who first came to Malacca many centuries ago, where they eventually settled and intermarried.

Adopting Malay dress and patois, whilst maintaining traditional Chinese customs and culture, theirs is a truly unique heritage.

Traditionally, Peranakan women wear the baju kebaya, a top made of fine swiss voile, with embroidered natural motifs, and held together with a set of 3 kerosangs (large jeweled pins similar to brooches).

Peranakans speak Baba Malay, which contains elements of both the Malay and Hokkien languages. Their most notable form of entertainment is the dondang sayang (or love song), in which Babas (Peranakan men) and Nyonyas (Peranakan women) exchange poems of love in humorous style, while accompanied by traditional instruments such as the rebana and the gong.

Perhaps their most famous legacy is Nyonya food, a fusion of Malay ingredients prepared in mostly Chinese style, with the occasional Indian or Portuguese touch.

Some of the most popular Peranakan dishes include Ayam Buah Keluak, Babi Pongteh, and Chap Chai, and the fiery anchovy-based chilli sauce (with freshly-squeezed calamansi lime) known as sambal belachan.